When you see it. You know it's Worman.

Unless a building has a story to tell, it’s not worth building. Since 1992, we have been working tirelessly to set a new standard for modern construction with enduring features that you won’t usually find in similar buildings.

Everything we do is designed to enhance our community, our neighbourhoods, and provide a meaningful experience for those who spend time in our buildings.
So, how do we do it?

Means Custom

There is more to "custom" than the type of flooring or exterior finishes. Every piece of land is unique. Every need is unique. Each building we build - be it commercial or residential - is truly custom. It's diligently planned to suit your wants and needs, and carefully integrated into surrounding environment.


Wood, brick, stone, steel, granite. We choose real materials and look for opportunities to introduce timeless features because our buildings are built to last long enough for future generations to appreciate the kind of attention to detail we put in them today.

Price Contracts

While most builders have transitioned to 'Cost Plus' contracts, we still operate using Fixed Price Contracts. That means that if you don't change the building specifications, you will pay the price in the contract, and not a dime more.


We are very loyal to our trade pool, and several of the people who started with us back in 1992 are still with us today. Most of those who are not, have retired. What this means for you is that you get experienced and reliable trades people building your perfect home or office.

to Detail

When the construction dust has settled and cleaned, Worman inspects every aspect of the finished building. Worman's approach has been the same from the very beginning, "If we wouldn't have it in our home, it's not good enough."